The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Highest Quality

At Gardens of We Eden, our mission is to bring to medical cannabis dispensaries only the highest quality of soil cultivated cannabis.

70 years experience

We have been in the Cannabis industry for combined 70 years. Our Backgrounds include: Bachelors of Science degree in Horticulture with an emphasis on Green House Management, and a Masters of Science degree in Horticulture with an emphasis on plant physiology.

Customer Service

We have a passion for cultivation, and a long track record of customer service and customer satisfaction.

Peak Performance

We understand how to grow plants, push them to perform to the peak of their ability, and yield the most they can.

Business Experience

Combining this with successful business experience helps us excel in the medical cannabis field.

Passion For Growin

We love to talk about our plants because we have a passion for growing. We also love to talk to our buyer because they are our best source of inspiration.